Middle Stage – VI To VIII

The middle stage school curriculum typically covers a wide range of subjects that build upon the foundation laid in preparatory classes and prepare students for the more advanced high school curriculum.

  • Techno-smart classrooms - With the use the latest technology be it interactive whiteboards, multimedia projects, science labs, ERPs the learning and experience of learning is made engaging and upto date.
  • Visual and Performing Arts - A strong focus us put on activities like including music, theatre, dance, and visual arts throughout the year to develop creativity, self-expression, and a range of important social and emotional skills in students.
  • Life skills - We aim to create students who can tackle challenges of daily life, both in the present and in the future. For this we, we have an Adolescent Peer Educators Leadership in Life Skills, Health and Wellbeing Programme through which we conduct activities on essential aspects of life be it Financial literacy, Time management, Teamwork, and Critical Thinking.
  • Art Integration -We utilize various aspects and forms of art and culture as the basis for learning of concepts across subjects. Using visual arts like drawings or models of scientific concepts to teach science concepts, or perform historical plays or re-enactments to help bring history to life.
  • Formative Assessments -Through different types of assessments like competency-based questions, quizzes, peer checking, etc opportunities for reflection to the students which helps them identify areas of strength and weakness.