Secondary Stage – IX & X

Our Secondary School Curriculum provides students a broad and balanced understanding of subjects including languages (Sanskrit/Punjabi/Hindi/English), Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Information Technology &Skill subjects to enable them to communicate effectively, analyse information as well as make informed decisions that are in line with constitutional values which will ensure their ability move ahead towards being productive citizens.

  • Project-based learning - This method involves students working on projects that integrate multiple subjects and require them to apply knowledge and skills in real-world situations. It can be effective in promoting collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving skills.
  • School Excursions - These out of class activities would lead to the holistic development of the child as well as form a synchronization of emotional, social, moral, cultural and aesthetic aspects of the individual.
  • Techno-smart classrooms -With the use the latest technology be it interactive whiteboards, multimedia projects, science labs, ERPs the learning and experience of learning is made engaging and upto date.
  • Life skills -We aim to create students who can tackle challenges of daily life, both in the present and in the future. For this we, we have Adolescent Peer Educators Leadership in Life Skills, Health and Wellbeing Programme through which we conduct activities on essential aspects of life be it Financial literacy, Time management, Teamwork, and Critical Thinking.
  • Regular counselling -Students are going through a variety to difficulties be it academic performance, college and career planning, or personal relationships and we try to provide them with a safe and supportive space to address these concerns and receive guidance and support from trained professionals.
  • Peer to Peer learning - We regularly conduct group projects, peer tutoring and checking to help students develop communication and collaboration skills while also building a sense of community and support in the classroom.