Principal's Message

Teaching is a noble profession and it is service oriented and that is the reason for me to get into this with my heart and soul. Having passed so many years with education, educators and educates, I can say that changes are amazing and that is why I am also still being getting educated daily on all fronts.

According to me education should  be fun filled and not threatening. An activity oriented teaching is a must as this keeps that students agog and help and respect their teachers and school. A healthy interaction should define classroom management and students should be accorded freedom to express their feelings in addition to clarify their doubts. Instead of rote learning children should explore beyond the text and study for the sake of knowledge and not just of prizes or certificates. This kind of education will imbibe skills in the young minds to become holistic individuals.

For best results each academic year should be planned much ahead before the start and should be an ongoing programme. Professional development should be complimented with personal development. Learning by observing and listening should be given enough of provision to all the staff members and “space to grow” is a must and should be given to all.

Mrs. Vandna Bhatnagar