Bicycle Day

06 Jun, 2022

Cycle Day was celebrated in the school in true spirits, Students were made aware that if we use cycles to commute from one place to another we will save gallons of fuel and we will be fit physically. Cycling is a best physical activity which keeps our heart and lungs healthy and muscles strong and supple. Students took a round of the school and spread the message to use cycles for commuting from one place to another as long as possible.

Seminar on Soil Conservation

31 May, 2022

The soil is the great connector of our lives, the source and destination of all.”

In the step towards conserving soil and supporting the Save Soil Movement, the eco-club of Blue Bird High School, Sector -16, Panchkula organized a seminar on Soil Conservation for students.

The event began with the discussion about the problems faced by the environment. The issue of soil degradation and damage was highlighted with the help of a video. The video showcased the “SAVE SOIL MOVEMENT” started by Sadhguru.

Soil, Soil Erosion, Organic content in Soil, Effects of decrease in organic content and ways to improve soil quality were explained and discussed with the students with the help of Power Point Presentation. In the end “PLANET ANTHEM” was played for students to rejoice and carry the message contained in it and spread it through various social media platforms.  School Principal, Mrs. Vandna Bhatnagar, motivated students to spread awareness regarding soil conservation among their friends and family and play their part as active citizens of the country.

Mother's Day

07 May, 2022

A small presentation was organised by the students of Classes 2ND to 8thof Blue Bird High School,  Sector-16, Panchkula to convey a big thanks to all the mothers who work tirelessly to bring the best in her children. The word “Mother”was explained with great devotion. Songs were sung in her praise and examplary mothers were acknowledged. Principal, Mrs. Vandna Bhatnagar congratulated all the students for their efforts and extended a message that  mothers should not be respected just on The Mother’s day but every day and  every where,for her everlasting contribution she put in ,to raise a family.