Save Birds, Save Earth

17 May, 2019

Birds and animals are the lifeline and beauty of planet earth. The tiny tots get so delighted on seeing and listening the voices of birds. So to develop further interest of little ones of nursery wing, Save Birds-Save Earth activity was organized. They expressed their love and fascination for bird kingdom by making attractive bird nests and their feeding bowls. The little ones enjoyed watering and feeding them also. Through this activity the tiny tots learnt about new species of birds and their feeding habits.

Mother’s Day

10 May, 2019

Mother is the most beautiful creation of almighty God. No one and nothing can substitute mother and motherhood. So, to salute all mothers of this world, Mother’s Day was celebrated in Blue Bird High School, Panchkula with great enthusiasm. Special Assembly was organized for this purpose during which speech was delivered, melodious songs in praise of mothers were sung and poems were recited. The Principal, Mrs Vandna Bhatnagar sermonized the students to pay due respect to their mothers.

Hand Wash Activity

04 May, 2019

Healthy habits once established persist throughout our life. Schools are the best paradigm to set in these good values. For realizing this goal, a healthy awareness activity- ‘Hand Wash’ for all students from class 1st to 10th class was organized.  Students wrote eye-catching slogans on paper, hands and learnt the importance of washing hands. They really enjoyed this activity and it proved to be quite useful.