English LAnguage Day

23 Apr, 2022


To promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism among the youth of today, the World English Language Day was celebrated with full enthusiasm in Blue Bird High School, Sector 16, Panchkula. The students of Classes 6 to 10 organised a special presentation of various activities  like a play ,songs, poem recitation, mock interview, speech and amazing rules of English grammar to portray the importance of English language in the school auditorium “Plume” .At the end students interacted with Principal ma’am and explored her techniques of handling everything so calmly and wisely. The principal Ms. Vandna Bhatnagar appreciated the students’ efforts as organising and participating in activities like this, will help them to grow into an intelligent and a confident young individuals .

Earth Day

22 Apr, 2022

Earth Day was celebrated on 22ND  April, 2022 at BLUE BIRD HIGH SCHOOL to remind the students of their duties towards ‘Mother Nature.’ As a part of environmental education, "Go- Green" initiative was taken to engage the whole school community in making a difference. Students participated in various art and craft activities such as best out of waste, compost pit making, poster-making and slogan-writing and a tree was made by waste plastic bags and waste plastic material  depicting that a plastic tree never grows , so say no to plastic . A pledge was taken by all to protect and save the depleting natural resources. 

World Health Day

07 Apr, 2022

Blue Bird High School Sector 16  Panchkula, organised a special assembly to mark the importance of World Health Day. Mrs Shveta Sharma spoke on the importance of developing healthy eating habits to stay fit and disease free. Students participated in various activities like Handwashing , healthy Tiffin and Eat Well - Stay fit to develop habits of healthy eating and to promote awareness about the value of physical and mental well-being.